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Strike Up The Band: Chris McPhee & Rosanne Hosking


40 & FABULOUS!!!

Chris, on the WurliTzer, assisted by vocalist Rosanne, will feature music from the big band era. They will be joined by the acclaimed City of Unley Concert Band. This event is part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of the mighty WurliTzer theatre organ’s inaugural concert at the Capri Theatre.

There is a whole weekend of events planned and you can buy a discount package to all three events and save up to $20 by downloading the booking form below and emailing it to secretary@capri.org.au or call 8272 1177.


Introducing CHRIS McPHEE…

Chris McPhee A.A.G.M. is a celebrated theatre organist who lives and works in Adelaide. He has a distinctive musical style emanating fun and individuality while expressing his vibrant spirit and passion for nostalgia. As a teenager, Chris was particularly inspired when he heard the legendary UK organist and entertainer, Douglas Reeve. Since then, Chris went on to build and establish an international reputation for himself. He has performed at leading venues across Australia, New Zealand, United States of America and the United Kingdom. In recognition of his outstanding talents, he was awarded an Associate Diploma in Organ, with Honors. In his home city, Chris has starred as the featured artist on the J.W. Walker & Sons Adelaide Town Hall Organ and the Silver Jubilee Organ at the Festival Theatre. He was chosen to receive the great honor of being the final organist to perform at the historic Adelaide Regent Theatre before it closed in 2004. Chris has thrilled audiences with his stylish organ playing at many venues and celebrates over 35 years of performing on the famous Wurlitzer at the Capri Theatre. He has released 7 commercial recordings and his music is broadcast extensively, not only on local radio, but all around the globe. He is a solo artist of great renown but he has also performed alongside some of the all-time greats of Australian entertainment. Outside of Chris McPhee’s musical endeavours, he also holds qualifications in embalming and post mortem reconstructive surgery, with membership in both the Australian Institute of Embalming and British Institute of Embalmers.