2023 Oscar Nominated Short Film – Screening Party

Get yourself truly prepared for the Oscars by brushing up on the treasure trove of short films that have been nominated for gongs. Be moved and inspired by the full list of animated and live action tales in a short marathon, stopping only for refreshments and pizza shaped sustenance. 5:00pm LICENSED BAR IN THE FOYER... [Read More]


EOS – Mary Cassatt: Painting the Modern Woman

Exhibition on Screen presents Mary Cassatt: Painting the Modern Woman Mary Cassatt made a career painting the lives of the women around her. Her radical images showed them as intellectual, feminine and real, which was a major shift in the way women appeared in art. Presenting her astonishing prints, pastels, and paintings, this film introduces... [Read More]


Charade + the music of Johnny Mercer live on stage

Johnny Mercer was best known as a Tin Pan Alley lyricist, who wrote many successful hits including the title track from Charade, for which he won an Oscar. Some of his other hits include 'THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC,’ ‘DAY IN DAY OUT,’ ‘MOON RIVER,’ ‘HIT THE ROAD TO DREAMLAND’ and ‘ONE FOR MY BABY.’ Returning... [Read More]

$15 – $30

Celebrating Neighbour Day: The Band of the South Australia Police

Capri Theatre 141 Goodwood Road, Goodwood, South Australia

Join your community and experience the energy and versatility of the South Australian Police Band. Celebrating 20 years of Neighbour Day in Australia, we are bringing our community together to connect and enjoy the talented and masterful musicians of the SA Police Band in our beloved Capri Theatre. A chance to meet and chat with... [Read More]


Dirty Dancing + Hits of the 80’s

40 & FABULOUS!!! Hear the mighty WurliTzer like never before as a group of very talented artists bash out the hits of the 80's to get you in the mood for one of the most iconic films of the decade, Dirty Dancing! There will be some super 80s corkers, like Fame, Ghostbusters, Take On Me... [Read More]


Magical Movie Music: John Atwell & Tony Fenelon

40 & FABULOUS!!! Our main concert Magical Movie Music, with Tony Fenelon OAM and Theatre Organist of the Year 2002, who has performed around the world, plus John Atwell; two of the three surviving organists from the inaugural 1983 concert. John is also an international organist and has performed on both theatre organ and classical organ... [Read More]


EOS – Vermeer: The Greatest Exhibition

Exhibition on Screen presenter Vermeer: The Greatest Exhibition In the spring of 2023, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will open its doors to the largest Vermeer exhibition in history. With loans from across the world, this major retrospective will bring together Vermeer’s most famous masterpieces including Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Geographer, The Milkmaid, The... [Read More]


Banff Mountain Film Festival 2023

The 2023 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is a 3 hour celebration of the mountain and adventure sport world. Sharing over 2 1/2 hours of the most exhilarating short films from explorers, runners, mountain bikers, skiers, paddlers and climbers from around the globe. The tour is hot on the heels of the largest and most prestigious mountain... [Read More]

$23.50 – $31.50

Young At Heart – Mother’s Day

Did your Ma have a big old crush on old blue eyes back in the day? Then trundle her down to the Capri (after you’ve taken her to lunch, obviously) for a cuppa and a biscuit and Frankie boy crooning on the big screen with the lovely Doris in Young At Heart. Mother's Day just... [Read More]