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Claire Baker & Special Guests take you to a Capri-mas Wonderland


Christmas time brings Christmas music, but not just carols!

This special time, brings thoughts of holidays, gifts and food, family and friends, happiness, and sometimes, a little melancholy.

Claire will take you on a magical Sleigh Ride from traditional to modern, with a sprinkling of musical fruits and nuts. A delicious concert pudding.

Claire’s special guests this year include a FIVE piece wind ensemble; a solo CELLIST with piano accomplishment, and a professional VOCALIST.

Andrew Bayfield needed an ensemble.  He composed music, but had no players, so composed for a hypothetical ensemble.
So they’re called the “Hypothetical Ensemble” and that’s how they came to be.   It’s an exciting, unusual, wind ensemble with Helen Simms on Flute, Dr Anne Pilman  on Cor Anglaise, Eb Clarinet, Piccolo; Andrew Bayfield on Bb/Eb Cornet; Dr Chris Say on Bb/A Clarinet; and on this day Lindsay Heesom on Bassoon.  They feature beautiful, light arrangements of well known pieces that highlight the clear, intriguing textures of their varied instruments.

The featured cellist this year is Mary Fiona.   With her background on local classical radio station 5mbs, her broad eclectic taste she has led her to some of the most beguiling and beautiful solo cello pieces.   She will be accompanied on the Grand Piano by Kathy who is well known for the beauty and peace she regularly creates in the foyer of the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Our vocalist Gary Sanderson has a singing career spanning decades.  Having sung with great SA people like Thomas Edmonds, he has an engaging voice that is well suited to the uplifting, well known songs he enjoys singing so much.   He will bring us some much loved Christmas tunes as well as a few favourites that everybody will know.