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Adelaide Independent Film Festival


Welcome in the warmth of Spring and join us at the inaugural Adelaide Independent Film Festival (AIFF) on 14 October 2023 for an afternoon of incredible short films presented at the uniquely designed and heritage-listed Capri Theatre!

The official programme comprises over a dozen short films from local, national and international filmmakers. Throughout the past few months, we have watched over 100 short films and have specifically selected the very best to present to you. The AIFF is proudly sponsored by The City of Unley.

We have secured the award-winning contemporary visual artist Nasim Nasr. A selection of Nasim’s phenomenal work will be presented in the foyer before the main screening.

To add extra flavour to the mix, you will experience the Capri’s Wurlitzer theatre organ. If you have not witnessed this compelling instrument live, you do not want to miss out!

At the end of the screening, join us to celebrate at The Goody on Goodwood Road and tell us your favourite short film. We would love to hear from you! The Goody is only a short 7-minute walk from the Capri Theatre.

Everyone is welcome. Head to the tickets page to secure your seats to be included in the Adelaide Independent Film Festival’s history books as one of the very first patrons!

The official programme will be announced in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our Instagram page and website for all the details.

Thank you for supporting the newest film festival in South Australia!

***If you live within the City of Unley, study at a South Australian film school or supported the AIFF at our fundraiser in July, please email us directly to receive a code for discounted tickets. ***

Full Programme
The 7th Night: MaoMao
Directed by ahLoong
3 Minutes | Malaysia (English Subtitles)
According to Chinese custom, every soul will pay a last visit to their beloved family on the 7th night after they passed away. This is a story about a little boy waiting for the return of his lost beloved cat MaoMao.
The Better Angels
(Adelaide film)
Directed by Michael Cusack
13 Minutes | Australia
A young soldier trying to escape the horrors of war, finds an abandoned house and within its walls the stories of what might have been.
Directed by Saman Hosseinpuor, Ako Zandkarimi
14 minutes | Iran (No dialogue)
Far from his own homeland, a Kurdish refugee lives in his suitcase. In it he carries memories of his family. When someone steals the suitcase in the tumult of the foreign city centre, he loses his home a second time.
Café Marylin
Directed by András Reszeli-Soós
28 Minutes | Hungary (English Subtitles)
Australian Premiere
The well-known actor with one of the most famous voices in the country is invited to a meeting at Café Marylin, where over a cup of coffee, he is faced with the strange fact that his host’s voice is almost exactly the same as his own. And his vocal doppelganger knows a lot about him. Probably, much more than you can get from the tabloids.
Directed by Nasim Nasr
3 Minutes | Australia
Impulse concerns the ongoing struggle and conflict between human ‘dark’ and ‘light’ emotions, through synchronous half-hidden and half-revealed dance moves by a male figure with a black and white chador (Iranian compulsory female hijab).

The Speed of Sound
Directed by Matthew J. Thompson
13 Minutes | Australia
SA Premiere
When a hopeful filmmaker’s mate exaggerates his skills to get him a job, he struggles with his anxiety while stuck in the director’s cross hairs.
Dies Irae
Directed by Maru Collective
8 Minutes | Australia
SA Premiere
Two playful angels, seven sinful pigs, and one poor righteous passerby.

High Waters On The Shoulders Of Giants
Directed by Gus Armstrong
1 minute | Australia
SA Premiere
A short biopic as First Nations custodian Peter Swain examines and overlooks the condition of the river as it recedes from flood waters.

The Individuals
(Adelaide film)
Directed by Alexandra Kessell
10 Minutes | Australia
Adverse habits and hidden traumas begin to unravel three young roommates, as they all try to navigate adulthood.

Directed by Darcy Conlan
6 Minutes | Australia
SA Premiere
A thief is stalked by an inflatable car yard mascot after he steals one of its closely guarded vehicles.

Evacuation Afghanistan: The Story of Erfan
(Adelaide film)
Directed by Angus Rawson
5 Minutes | Australia
This documentary follows the story of Erfanullah, an interpreter for NATO Forces, who was evacuated to Australia after the fall of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to the Taliban.
(Adelaide film)
Directed by Joel Brown
8 Minutes | Australia
Djaambi centres on Reg, a young Indigenous man, transitioning between past decisions, and the new. Made raw in the wake of the death of his close cousin, Tjarrah, Reg’s experiences with racism at the hands of his work colleague challenge his sense of identity, making him anxious.
The Drivers
Directed by Fraser Cameron
14 Minutes | Australia
Australian Premiere
Jump in the back of a ride-share car, and learn something new about its driver – by asking something new. Something intimate, personal and real. Set in Melbourne, this short explores what’s shared when you replace small talk with big questions. Love, loss, childhood – life is a wild ride, for all of us.

Directed by Paul Burns
4 Minutes | Australia
Exploring helplessness, Pyre is an experimental short film which personifies death as a ghoul in a dress, drawing closer and closer until striking.
Reincarnation Mall

Directed by Eric Giessmann, Piers Goffart
5 Minutes | Germany (No dialogue)
It’s just a pity that Mr. Grump didn’t collect too many karma points during his life on Earth. Because when he suddenly finds himself in a shopping mall after his death, in which you can buy a new life with exactly these points, he is forced to rethink his entire attitude towards life.

Australian Mongrel

Directed by Rocco Fazzari, Belinda Lopez

2 Minutes | Australia
SA Premiere
Passengers on the Sydney Rail Network are asked “How did you get here?”