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Feast Festival – BIT + Queer Shorts


The Capri is very proud to host a night of queer films as part of the Feast Festival celebrations. The first half of the evening will be a collection of short films curated by Queer Screen Australia, followed by the SA premiere of the comedy/horror movie BIT. 

BIT synopsis: A transgender teenage girl on summer vacation in Los Angeles fights to survive after she falls in with four queer feminist vampires, who try to rid the city’s streets of predatory men.

“Unrelentingly fierce, feminist, and queer.”

6:00pm – BAR OPEN


8:00pm – INTERVAL

8:20pm – BIT


MY BROTHER IS A MERMAID – UK (unclassified 15+)

My Brother is a Mermaid is a social realist fairytale about a trans-feminine teenager, as seen through the eyes of their 7 year old brother. Set in a desolate and prejudiced coastal town, the film examines how a child’s unconditional love can be a powerful and disruptive force for good.


BREAK IN – USA (unclassified 15+)

What’s more embarrassing than writing erotic fiction about your crush? Writing erotic fiction about your crush and then accidentally texting it to her.



ACUITZERAMO – USA/MEXICO (Unclassified 15+)

After losing his gay partner of 15 years, Salvador must confront his late partner’s estranged son, Anthony, who was unaware of their relationship.




KAPAEMAHU – USA (Unclassified 15+)

Four mysterious boulders on Waikiki Beach have a hidden history; within them, there are legendary transgender healing spirits.



POMPEII – UK (Unclassified 15+)

Tam gets the first tube home alone. In just a crop-top and high-waisted jeans he re-lives his Halloween night out.



WINGS – UK (Unclassified 15+)

A heartwarming LGBTQ+ love story that spans over six decades, between two Land Army girls during World War II. A partly silent film, accompanied by a beautiful score, starring BAFTA award-winning actresses Miriam Margolyes, and fifties film legend, Virginia Mckenna.