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TOSA Concerts

TOSA Concerts

Tony Fenelon

Sunday 14th May, 2pm

It was inevitable from an early age that music would play a significantly major role in Tony Fenelon's life. As a child, he showed astounding talent as a pianist, and, in later years, studied at the Conservatorium of Music in Melbourne,

Tony's insatiable interest in lighter music and a love of the majestic sound of the theatre pipe organ led to his appointment in 1965 as the resident organist at Melbourne's then prestigious Regent Theatre. An internationally acclaimed artist, Tony's concerts provide a tasteful balance between popular tunes and light classics and include music from the films, stage shows, jazz, and great standards. As the piano has always been his first love, his extensive repertoire of piano classics now forms an increasingly large proportion of his concerts, a feature widely requested by his audiences.


Justin Stahl

Sunday 25th June, 2pm

Justin Stahl is self-taught in piano and organ. His passion for music has reached many venues, including accompanying for several choral departments, contributing as his church's music director, playing for community theatre, and serving for over twelve years in the Indiana Army National Guard's 38th Infantry Division Band.

Justin has most recently entertained thousands of patrons of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in the last three productions of their annual Yuletide. He is a native of Beech Grove, Indiana.  Justin’s approach and philosophy include the continued promotion of the theatre organ by using a wide base of musical genres.


Chris McPhee & Mathew Loeser -  A program of Musical Footprints (Songs that made their mark on history)

Sunday 30th July, 2pm

Chris McPhee began learning the electronic organ at the age of eight. In 1993, he was acclaimed as winner of both the Senior Section and Overall Winner of the American Theatre Organ Society’s Young Theatre Organist competition.  Chris is a popular artist at the prestigious Adelaide Town Hall and Festival Theatre pipe organs, performing for the Lord Mayor’s Christmas Concerts and Morning Melodies series. He is also a featured organist at the Capri Theatre. Chris is in regular demand for concerts around Australia and overseas, including New Zealand, United Kingdom and the USA.

After a successful concert at the Capri in 2016, Mathew Loeser again returns to his home town to join Chris for this concert. 

Mathew commenced studies on both electronic and theatre organs at age 9. Making his first public concert appearance at age 10. In 2001 he was awarded the title of Junior World Champion Theatre Organist by the American Theatre Organ Society.

Mathew has travelled and performed internationally, a frequently invited concert performer at conventions, society and gala events, making cabaret the major focus of his career.


Richard & Michael Larritt

Sunday 10th September, 2pm

Richard has been actively involved with TOSA (SA) since 1980 playing in 4 man concerts at St Peters College and the Capri.  He served on the TOSA (SA) committee for a number of years and is a rostered organist at the Capri.  Richard is a Pipe Organ Builder by profession.

Michael has been learning the Theatre and Electronic Organ for upwards of twenty years. He began learning from the late Shirley Watts at age 7, and was later taught by Helen Blakebrough. He regularly plays at Club Nights and has been a guest artist with Tony Fenelon on two occasions.

The father and son duo recently appeared in concert in Western Australia.


David Bailey -  A little bit old, and a little bit new, with two short silent movies

Sunday 22nd October, 2pm

David Bailey was interested in music from an early age.  As a teenager, he stumbled on the world of the cinema organ and was captivated. After a transition from piano studies to the organ, a deep passion grew for the music of the 20’s and 30’s. David is a great fan of the English theatre organ style of  Sidney Torch and George Wright.  Recently, the demand for David’s skills as a composer and accompanist has grown as a new generation discovers the magic of silent film.


Nathan Avakian -  Old Meets New or Fresh Start

Sunday 19th November, 2pm

Nathan's fascination with the theatre organ began at age four and he began organ studies at age eleven, having been coached by elite musicians. Since winning the American Theatre Organ Society young Organist competition in 2009, Nathan has provided theatre organ entertainment across the United States and internationally.

In 2010 Nathan was commissioned to compose six original soundtracks for the international Youth Silent Film Festival, a program that gives young filmmakers the opportunity to create contemporary silent films to theatre organ music. He helped pioneer the festival's expansion which now includes regional festivals in Oregon, Ohio, New Zealand, Adelaide and Melbourne. 

Nathan will feature music from his new CD.