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Voyage of the Southern Sun - SA Premiere + Q&A with filmmaker Michael Smith

Monday 26th June 2017, 6:45pm

Adventurer of the Year, Michael Smith discovered the delights and perils of true adventure in a solo circumnavigation in his tiny amphibious flying boat, Southern Sun, that retraced historical Qantas, Imperial and Pan Am airmail routes, in search of the glory days of 1930’s aviation. At a leisurely 80 knots, taking his time flying from cities to forests; deserts and rivers; over mountains and volcanoes; coral reefs, vast stretches of oceans, ice flows and glaciers; oh, and giant rats. Michael’s journey captured the geographic splendour of the world and learnt a little of human kind and himself along the way. Directed by Rob Murphy, featuring stunning footage, tales from around the world and insight into the high’s and low’s from a record breaking and award winning voyage.



Dirty Girls Adventure Film Tour

Tuesday 25th July 2017, 8:30pm

Showcasing 90 minutes of the most inspirational, heart warming and entertaining films celebrating women in adventure from independent film makers around the globe.

Our aim at the Dirty Girls Adventure Film Festival is to connect like-minded women and build a community of supportive adventurous women. By celebrating the female adventurous spirit we hope to make women in the outdoors more visible.

Featuring a unique selection of films of varying lengths and styles covering topics, relevant to women in the outdoors who aren't afraid to get dirty in their pursuit of adventure.


Run Nation - Running Film Festival


Hosted by Travelling Fit 2017

Thursday 27th July 2017

Guest Arrival: 6pm
Screening: 7.10pm


We’ve selected the very best running films to leave your heart pounding and your mind mesmerised.

Presented by Travelling Fit, our 2017 collection of original short films will focus on human-interest stories that use running as the medium of storytelling.
What is the why that makes these people push themselves to their physical limits and strive to be at the top of their game? 
Two hours of heart-pounding races – you won’t break a sweat, but you may wipe a tear.

From the elite experience through to ‘back of the pack’ runners, you’ll live the good, the bad and the painful. Because it’s more than just trails and tracks, roads and ultras; these are films that will inspire us all to pull on our sneakers and pound the pavement. Real life stories with heart, soul and passion that will leave you thinking, talking and dreaming.

Various ticket types and prices. General admission is $33.10 including the ticketing fee.

Screening time: 120 minutes

Because Australia’s only film festival dedicated to running is so much more than trails, tracks, roads and ultras. 

It’s as much about the person as it is about pounding the pavement.

For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit





Nostalgia Night - The Titfield Thunderbolt & The Ladykillers

Hosted by Peter Goers

Friday 4th August 2017, 6:40pm

Join us for an old-fashioned movie night with two superb British comedies!

The Titfield Thunderbolt is about a group of villagers trying to keep their train line operating after British Railways decided to close it. It was one of the first colour comedies made in the UK and shot in Technicolour.

The screenplay for the Ladykillers was nominated for an Academy Award and won the BAFTA for Best British Screenplay. The plot revolves around five diverse oddball criminal types planning a bank robbery who rent rooms on a cul-de-sac from an octogenarian widow under the pretext that they are classical musicians. It stars the very excellent Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers.

The bar will be open from 6pm with the piano tinkling in the foyer. The mighty WurliTzer will play and Haigh's trays will be doing the rounds with all of your favourite cinema goodies for sale. 

The evening will be hosted by our good friend and bon vivant, Peter Goers.